Support for BuildTextConst in VS2017?

Sun 7. Oct 2018, 14:23

Hi guys,

do you plan to add support for VS2017 in your MDK? Or maybe i have problem somewhere else as on your MDK setup page you mentions support for that version. Unfortunatelly, i have installed MDK and when i try to run custom tool, i get error about missing BuildTextConsts tool.

I am using VS version 15.7.3.

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Re: Support for BuildTextConst in VS2017?

Mon 8. Oct 2018, 13:13

Hi Danny,

normally version 1.1 that is linked on the web site supports VS 2017, but we are aware of some installation based issues.

Those come from the fact that starting with VS2017, Microsoft has decided to exclude VS settings from the global registry. Instead an additional registry hive is only added when VS is running. So the installer needs exclusive access to that part part of the registry.

So please try to run the MDK setup without any instance of VS 2017 running.

Please navigate to %localappdata%\Microsoft\VisualStudio and check of you have more than one folder named 15.0_*. The * part is some 8 digit random number. If that is the case the installer also fails to install because it does not know which setting to use.

I hope that helps.
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[Articy] Peter Sabath
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Re: Support for BuildTextConst in VS2017?

Tue 9. Oct 2018, 15:02

Hi Peter,

your advice helped. I haved uninstalled MDK and reinstalled it again as administrator without any running instance of VS and now everything is working.

Thanks for help :)

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