New world for a newcomer.

Thu 1. Nov 2018, 20:29


I'm from france, 46 yrs old, with no background whatsoever on codin or programin. But i got ideas, and dreams, with a rational enough mind to help realize them.
And there's that rpg/adventure game i've been dreamin of since quite a long time now, inspired by the kind of Darklands (, i see an open-world survival on map, with randomly generated events from areas, and texts, sound and music and drawings to set the atmosphere. The world would be dark, savage, decadent and corupted, the goal bein to find lights and colors with our main char and its party members (or other players on a multiplayer stage).

Got all my time to work on it, and i was wonderin wether Articy would allow such a project to take form, as the whole game, not only the narative aspect.

What you'd think?
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Re: New world for a newcomer.

Sun 16. Dec 2018, 20:30

AD is a software for managing development of a world/setting/story etc. It is not a game engine in itself.

sp it will help with creating the story and managing all the different infos about your world including structuring the dialogues and managing the story flow.
But before anyone can play or read your story, it needs to be implemented in a game engine, and that is not automatic.
You need to choose where and how you want to implement your game outside of AD, and then check how you can transfer your data.
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Re: New world for a newcomer.

Sat 29. Dec 2018, 16:45

Dude, you're 46 but sound like a 106 :D Put away that being-old stuff.

Anyhoo, onto the topic. I am also making my first real game [albeit Point and click] with artists for graphic work, sound, etc. I searched quite a bit and settled for Articy for story and dialogue management. It does look like the best choice for this task and should help you for sure.

Your last question suggests that you are on the lookout for game engine, though. To that end - Articy have import options for Unity Engine. Haven't used it yet myself, though, so cannot comment further. Best of luck, mate!
Olafs Osh
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Re: New world for a newcomer.

Thu 3. Jan 2019, 14:41

Does Articy have import options for Unity only or is it compatible with other engines too?
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