How to approach recurring locations?

Sat 9. Feb 2019, 02:14

New user to Articy trying to get a handle on the workflow-

What is the best way to approach areas that the player returns to at different times in the game when it comes to location maps?

Should I add all the links etc to the same location map? Or create a new location map for each visit?

Lets say there's a warehouse early in the game the player goes through to complete some objectives- but there are some areas they cannot access yet because they lack a key/item-

Should I include the areas they access later in the "early" map or make a separate location map for the time in the game when they come back to access the now unlocked areas?

Just looking for some guidance on handling these situations. Thank you.
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Re: How to approach recurring locations?

Wed 13. Feb 2019, 00:44

Figured it out myself through using layer folders to hold the data for each "visit"- So one location map holds all the data- the data is separated using layer folders.
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Joined: Sat 9. Feb 2019, 02:08

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