Exclusive mode


Exclusive mode: What's this?

A few changes to a multi-user project have such a deep impact that virtually the entire project is affected - this is for example the case when:To avoid problematic impacts on the work of other team members, this action requires a project administrator to open the project exclusively. In order to do so, all partitions need to be unclaimed. Now a project admin is able to open the project exclusively by right clicking the project in the project selector and then click on "Open project (exclusively)".

This action automatically prevents other articy:draft users from open the project and also claimes all partitions of it. Once the project is open, it is considered to be in exclusive mode. This is indicated by a little yellow crown icon in the connection area of the master toolbar.

Change the partition structure

When creating a new multi-user project from scratch the user can choose between two types of partitioning (see here). This causes certain folders and flow elements to be turned into partitions from the beginning. Once the project is on its way, the exclusive mode allows to...

- turn a mere folder or flow fragment into a partition
- cancel an already existing partition to turn it into a simple folder/flow fragment.

Please note, that the main project partition as well as the top level partitions "Flow", "Entities", "Locations", "Object Templates" and "Assets" cannot be canceled!