Preview Image

Nearly all objects can have a preview or avatar image that represents it within articy:draft. The preview image is a powerful tool to make objects recognizable and to literally get a picture of things more quickly. After importing some images to the assets folder, you can assign them to objects by drag & drop or by right-clicking on the preview image field in the object's property sheet.

Edit Preview Image

When assigning a preview image it may happen that you are not completely happy with the square image section that is displayed. You can change the displayed section by right-clicking at the preview image and choosing 1 "Edit preview image":

Now you can zoom in or out, using the mouse-wheel or the 2 zoom slider, and drag the 3 rectangle to the image section you want to have as preview image.

The selection for the preview image may be partly 4 outside the borders of the source asset NEW in 3.2!.

Use Preview Image from Asset

If you want to edit the preview image not for just one object, but for all objects using the same asset, you can do so by editing the thumbnail of the asset itself. Navigate to the assets section and right-click the image to open the preview image editor. Changes made here affect all objects having this image assigned as long as they have "Use preview image from asset" checked. By default this option is enabled and only unchecked, if the preview image is edited locally.

Preview Images for video files NEW in 3.2!

When importing a video file as an asset a preview image will be automatically created from a frame of the video.