3.0 (New major version)

Version 3.0.0 Beta version

Version 3.0.1 Released: 2017-02-16

Version 3.0.2 not officially released

Version 3.0.3 Released: 2017-02-21

Version 3.0.4 Released: 2017-03-21

Versions 3.0.5 & 3.0.6 not officially released

Version 3.0.7 Released: 2017-04-24

articy:draft - Version 3.0.1

Released: 2017-02-16

articy:draft - General

  • NEW - Unity plugin: Get your content ready to use in Unity with just a few clicks.With the completely customizable flow traversal engine and out-of-the-box script evaluation you can play through your content with minimal effort.
  • NEW - Macro plugin system: Automate tasks and adapt articy:draft to your workflows by using plugins. The Macro Devkit enables you to develop your own macro plugins fast and easily.
  • NEW - Object properties in scripts: In addition to global variables, you can now use object properties within scripts.
  • NEW - JSON export
  • NEW - BB-Code text formatting: You can now switch to the much cleaner and shorter BB-Code formatting for the Excel- and Unity-exports.
  • Improved: Apply template and change color for all objects in search results.
  • Improved: Unrestricted flow: Now you can create flow fragments and dialogues inside of dialogues.
  • Improved: The improved Final Draft import now generates articy:draft documents with virtually the same formatting as the original Final Draft files.
  • Improved: Possibility to import Final Draft documents directly into the Flow.
  • Improved: Add own words to spellchecker dictionary.
  • Improved: Navigator uses flow position based sorting.
  • Improved: Selecting objects in the location editor automatically also selects them in Navigator.
  • Improved: Create new global variable from unknown variable name.
  • Improved: Redesigned export dialogue.
  • Improved: Shortcut to export last used setting.
  • Improved: The last export settings are now stored across different sessions.
  • Improved: Flow to Word export: Option to not export preview images.
  • Improved: New global variable type: "String".
  • Improved: Editing pins (to add conditions or instructions) is now possible within documents.
  • Improved: Added option to hide section headline in Document View.
  • Improved: Spellchecking now works applicationwide in all text fields.
  • Improved: You can now also pan in the flow and location editor by holding down the middle mouse button.
  • Fixed: Selecting objects in search results.
  • Fixed: Flow to Word export now works as expected when exporting from the system folder level.
  • Fixed: Assign template now works with a multi-selection containing different object types.
  • Fixed: Changing a template now applies the correct template color.
  • Fixed: The custom icon of templates can be removed.
  • Fixed: Creating a new section after a collapsed section with child objects doesn't move the child objects anymore.
  • Fixed: Removed unnecessary scrollbars in the presentation view.
  • Fixed: Fixed problems with the sorting of dropdown properties in templates.
  • Fixed: Remove hyperlink now also removes the link color correctly.
  • Fixed: The advanced view of reference strips now uses the correct sorting.
  • Fixed: After copy and paste of objects in locations the newly created objects are automatically selected.


  • NEW - Optional configurable Active Directory support for articy:server.
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem when the name of your machine was longer than 15 characters.


  • Improved: All template and feature objects are now visible (read-only) to the API.
  • Improved: Annotation nodes can now be created and manipulated via the API.
  • Fixed: Problems when working with calculated display names (e.g. for condition and instruction nodes) are fixed.

Steam version:

  • Improved: Added steam cloud support to sync your projects to multiple devices.

articy:draft - Version 3.0.3

Released: 2017-02-21

articy:draft - General

  • Fixed: A crash when canceling editing values of an enumeration property.
  • Fixed: A crash trying to replace a broken image in the location without clearing the reference first.
  • Fixed: Selection problem when selecting an entry from the conflict search.
  • Fixed: The XML schema did not accept the project technical name. Updated schema, but kept is compatible with 2.4.
  • Fixed: The Final Draft import assigned a stage direction (Parenthetical) to the wrong dialogue fragment if there were multiple Dialogue entries without a new Character element.
  • Fixed: When importing a Final Draft document into the flow, the connections emerging from the last element were missing.


  • Improved: When upgrading a 2.x server the existing license file from 2.x is migrated to 3.x
  • Fixed: Perforce login problem when server also provides a stream depot.


  • Fixed: The indexer of ObjectProxy returned an empty string for TechnicalName when only a calculated name was present, the GetTechnicalName() method always returned the "resolved" technical name.

Demo projects:

  • Changed: Some virus scanners classified an internet shortcut in the Galahad project containing background information as "possible thread". This link was changed to point to an wikipedia article.

articy:draft - Version 3.0.4

Released: 2017-03-21

articy:draft - General

  • Improved: Spellchecker dictionaries are now stored privately to the 3.x installation, to prevent problems that occur when uninstalling an articy:draft 2.x version after installing a articy:draft 3
  • Improved: Better syntax highlighting in scripts.
  • Fixed: A memory leak in the Unity export was fixed when using localization Excel files.
  • Fixed: Under certain conditions using copy and paste on texts with "soft" returns (Shift+Enter) lead to the removal of the line breaks when the text control was re-created.


  • Improved: The modified files tracking cache was improved to saving an publishing speed. Especially a perforce setup with many partition has suffered from the old code.


  • Improved: Added a smart assembly resolver to ensure that plugins that use additional assemblies beside the main plugin assembly properly load them.
  • Improved: Added UnclaimProject() and PublishProjectPartitions(...) was added to Session object.
  • Changed: The list of ObjectProxy objects on GetMenuEntries(...) and ObjectsPasted(...) is not longer forced read-only and reflect the state of the object regarding to the current partition states. But the objects should still not be modified in those methods.
  • Fixed: The JourneyPointHit(...) callback now is properly called on the very first journey point and when directly accessing a journey point within a journey.
  • Fixed: For each "Reload project" command execution, the plugins were recreated resulting in duplicates.
  • Fixed: PublishProject() was not fully functional.
  • Fixed: The DisplayName property of Instructions and Condition objects can now be written. Which text is used in the UI is still determined by the "ShowCalculatedDisplayName" property which default is 'true'.

articy:draft - Version 3.0.7

Released: 2017-04-24

articy:draft - General

  • Improved: added command-line switch "-tv.useOldFlowSorting" to switch back to alpha sorting in navigator.
  • Improved: Words that are added to the spell checker ignore list are not also added as custom work to checker, so they might be proposed as correction for other misstypings.
  • Improved: A plugin that is rejected because it requires a newer articy:draft 3 version than installed is not shown in the plugin list as error and is not longer silently ignored.
  • FIXED: Added the missing variable type "String" to the XML schema definition.


  • Improved: Added functionality to override a perforce server address when using a setup with a perforce proxy server.


NEW API / MDK methods need nuget package version 1.1.0 to be found by the compiler.

  • Fixed: When trying to use managed C++ to write plugins the code was not linkable due to a namespace/classname clash. This was fixed.
  • Fixed: "TemplatePropertyChanged" is now also fired when a value reset is triggered in the UI.
  • Fixed: "JourneyPointHit" was not always fired.
  • Added: Added "GetClassPropertyInfo" and "GetFeaturePropertyInfo" to the ApiSession to get property information without having an object instance.
  • Added: Added "CanAddPin" and "CanRemovePin" overridable methods to the plugin class.
  • Added: Added "ProjectSaving" and "ProjectSaved" overridable methods to the plugin class.
  • Added: Added "ObjectsPastedEx" overridable method to the plugin class that is an extension to the "ObjectsPasted" method providing an additional parameter to distinguish the cases where the paste was made from a prior cut or copy operation.