Documents are used to arrange and store information in a document-like format. Even though they may look very similar to Word or Open Office documents at a first glance, documents in articy:draft work different in some essential aspects.

First of all, it's important to know that documents consist of chapters. A chapter can simply be a piece of text, but also something more specific like a dialogue or an image. The idea behind this approach is to offer a modular system that makes it very easy to re-arrange and change parts of a document later on. Furthermore, the use of chapter types like dialogues allows producing content, which can be exported in the same way as dialogues written in the flow editor. So instead of writing in a format that has only relevance during design-time, you can actually use your content without adaptations when it comes to exporting it into your game.

Creating documents

To create a new document, simply open the Documents system-folder and click on the Create a new document button in the toolbar 1. Double-click the created document to edit it. You will notice that a new document comes without any chapters. To start writing, you first have to create a chapter by clicking on one of the object type buttons in the creation toolbar.