Editing Documents

Creating chapters

A newly created document has no chapters and looks like this:

To start writing, create a new chapter via the creation toolbar:

On the left of the creation toolbar you can choose on which hierarchy level the new chapter shall be created (one level higher, on the same level or one level beneath). Next to the hierarchy level buttons you see all chapter types that can be created at the current position of the document.
You can also open the creation toolbar between two existing chapters by clicking on the plus-button 1 that appears when hovering over a chapter:

Alternatively, you can press CTRL+ALT+ENTER while writing in a chapter to open the creation bar underneath.

Chapter hierarchy

A well-thought-out hierarchical order of chapters helps a lot to improve the structure and readability of your document. Thus articy:draft provides several ways how to create and manage this hierarchy.
First, you can choose the hierarchy level already at the creation step of a new chapter. As described above, the creation toolbar has three toggle buttons to choose on which hierarchy level the new chapter shall be created.
Of course you can also change the hierarchy of chapters after their creation. Just hover over the chapter that you want to push to another hierarchy level and click on the indent or outdent-button at the left 2.

Reordering of chapters

One of the strengths of the document view is the possibility to reorder your chapters very easily. If you think that chapter 1.2 should become chapter 1.1, you can simply drag the chapter in question to the desired position of your document 3. Chapters must be dragged at the left side, where the mouse cursor changes to a hand icon.

Note that it's not possible to drag & drop a chapter into its own child chapters.

Text Editing

As soon as the cursor is in a text field, you can format your text via the buttons in the toolbar. To reduce mouse movement you can also select the text you want to edit and use the hover toolbar that appears right over the selected text.

You can turn the spellchecking on and off via this toolbar button 4:

To change the spellchecking language, click on the "Text"-tab within the project settings.