Export to .docx

Export to Microsoft® Word® (.docx)

It's also possible to export articy:draft objects to Microsoft® Word® documents.

Click "Export" in the main menu and select the .docx export option 1. The following export dialog appears:

Here you can further define the list of objects to be exported by using the checkboxes on the left 2. In addition you have a set of export options to the right.

3 Export method:

  • Full export to one file (default) - All selected objects are exported with all their properties into one .docx document.
  • Full export to multiple files - All selected objects are exported with all their properties while for every object an individual .docx is created.
  • As list - All selected objects are exported with their basic properties into one list (landscape format)
articy:draft uses an empty Word® Document as a template and puts all data into it. If you want to change the look of the Word®-file, you can easily edit the template word file. You can find it in the \bin\Export\Docx folder of our articy:draft installation directory.

4Include images

If you want to print the exported documents, you may want to uncheck this option to save the printer's ink.

5 Full-size snapshots as additional files

This option is only relevant when exporting location objects. In this case you can choose, if you want to export the location map as additional .jpg file.

6 Include technical names

If you are using the technical names of articy:draft objects, you should also add this property to your exported Word documents.

7 Include table of contents

Create documents with or without a table of contents at the beginning.

8 Hyperlink on references

This inserts links to quickly open an object within the articy:draft project.

9 Include title page

This adds or removes a title page with the project's name on it.

10 Apply text formatting?

You can change color, size or style of your texts. If you check this box, the exported Word file will also show this formatting WYSIWYG.