The welcome screen

The welcome screen SINGLE-USER

articy:draft starts at the welcome screen. In single-user mode, you can quickly access projects that you've been working on lately 2, create a new project or open existing projects from file.

Main menu

The main menu and the master toolbar 1 are always accessible, they will remain visible throughout your entire articy:draft session. Here you can learn more about the articy:draft version you are using or change your application language. In addition to that, the main menu offers access to the license management. However this is only possible in the welcome screen. Once you have opened a project, the license management is removed from the main menu.

Project selector

See here for details on the project selector 2.

The welcome screen MULTI-USER

articy:draft starts at the welcome screen. In multi-user mode, this screen leads you through 3 steps before opening your project:
  • Connect to a server 1
  • Log in as a user 2
  • Select the project you want to work on 3

Connecting to articy:server

The first page is the server page. You need to have the server information (address and port) at hand and fill it into the fields. The "Login automatically" option 1 makes articy:draft skipping this server page in the future and automatically connect to the now selected server. Of course, even if this option is active, you can always go back to the server page via the "Back" button on the following page.

A drop-down list of recent servers is a convenient way to connect to several frequently used servers.

Logging in

On the user page you introduce yourself to the server with your user credentials. You need to have your user name and password at hand and fill them into the fields. If you don't know your user credentials ask your articy:server administrator.
Checking "Login automatically" lets articy:draft skip this page in the future and always use your default credentials for the selected server. Yet, you can always go back to the users page via the "Back" button on the projects page.