Navigation in the flow

Keyboard navigation

When a node is selected, use ALT+Arrow keys to jump to nearby nodes in the given direction fluently.

Hit TAB to toggle between input areas and pins of a node, CTRL+TAB to continue from a text field. Then hit CTRL+RETURN on a pin to create following nodes.

Submerging / Emerging

It is important to know that flow fragments (and also dialogues) are containers for inner flow content. That means you can delve into them and model their inner structure, for example starting with "chapters" on the topmost level and climbing down to the level of individual dialogue lines.

To submerge into a flow fragment or dialogue, select it and click the "submerge icon" 1 in the tool bar. A symbol in the node's headline 2 indicates whether there is inner content (symbol visible) or not (symbol invisible). You can also double-click the node's inner content symbol to submerge into it.

Once you're submerged into a node, you see the inner content 3 surrounded by the parent node's box (dashed outline). The parent node's inbound and outbound pins are also displayed there 4 and can be used for navigation. Simply click them to jump to the connected node. The "emerge icon" 5 can be found above the top border of the parent box.


You can select all preceding or following nodes through the "Selection" entry in the context menu. This helps when you have to re-layout your flow.