Flow - What's this?

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"Designing the story flow"


The flow is the very heart of articy:draft. It is a branching structure of objects that form a multi-linear network of decisions and events:

"Nodes" like flow fragments 1 or dialogues 2 can be used to put together your interactive story. Use connections 3 and pins 4 to compose the branching flow structure.

The flow supports nesting, which means that you can submerge in nodes and view their inner structure, which can again be a branching flow interconnected with the above flow level. For details see here.

Uses of the flow

You can use the flow for:

  • Your game story
  • Dialogues
  • Quest lines
  • Cutscenes
  • Game states
  • Skill/tech trees
  • State machines
  • ... (Anything that can be modelled as a graph structure.)

Activating the flow view

Select a flow object in the navigator. Since the flow view is the default view for all flow objects, it is automatically activated when clicking on flow fragments, dialogues and dialogue fragments. If another view is active though you can always return to the flow view by clicking the "flow view" icon 5 in the view selector.

Navigation and editing flow

Hold down the right mouse button to pan/scroll your canvas. Use the mouse wheel or the zoom slider () to zoom in / out.

Please read the following pages to learn more: