The articy:draft importer for Unity (or short Unity Plugin) and the articy:draft Macro Dev Kit are toolkits that come free of charge with articy:draft 3
The articy:draft API is a paid add-on license to a multi-user articy:draft environment.

articy:draft importer for Unity®

NEW in 3.0!
The articy:draft importer for Unity® (or short Unity Plugin) is a free plugin for Unity® that allows to import & use articy:draft objects with you Unity® project.


You find a extensive documentation of the plugin and how to use it here.
To learn how to export data from articy:draft for the Unity plugin read this.


You can always download the latest version of the plugin from our download page.
To get started you also might download our "Maniac Manfred" demo project that shows a small adventure game that utilizes the plugin.

articy:draft Macro Development Kit (MDK)

NEW in 3.0!
The articy:draft Macro Development Kit (MDK) is a free Dev Kit that allows you to write plugins that integrate and extend functionality of articy:draft 3


You find a guide and reference of the available classes and methods here.
This documentation will also tell you how to set-up your system to be able to develop and package your own plugins.


You should download the tools installer on our download page.
We already offer some plugins for download. For each of them you can download either the pre-compiled binaries as installers or you can download their source code that might serve as a starting point for your own plugin.

articy:draft API

The articy:draft API is intended for automation. It allows your custom tool program to connect to an articy:server, open a project and work with the elements of this project. It is very easy to write a program that searches certain articy:draft objects, lists or exports specific values or even write those values back into the articy:draft project. This API allows articy:draft to be integrated into a complex tool chain.


For more information on how to work with the articy:draft API please download the ArticyDraft API - Programmer's Guide.pdf as well as the Technical Reference.