License types

To work with articy:draft you need either a single-user license or a multi-user license depending on your environment:

  • Single-user license: If you are the only one working on your articy:draft projects, the easiest way to do so is to purchase or subscribe to a single-user license from Articy. You don't need to bother about server, repository or network access. Enter your license key into articy:draft and start working right away.

    If you want to try out articy:draft or start with a small project articy:draft 3 FREE is the ideal starting point.
  • Multi-user license: If you want to work on articy:draft projects that are shared with a team of 2 or more co-workers, you need a multi-user license for each of your team members. All multi-user licenses of the entire team are packed into one single server license, so your articy:server administrator just has to enter this one server license to enable all the team members working on the shared articy:draft projects.
  • Multi-user license (viewer): While a multi-user license allows a user to assume any rights level in a project, a user with a viewer license can only be set to "guest" rights level. This allows to explore everything but not make any changes. Viewer licenses are bundled along with the regular multi-user licenses into the one-and-only server license.

View and manage your license SINGLE-USER

When browsing the projects in single-user mode, open the main menu 1 and chose License management 2. Your current license will be shown there. If you have no valid license, you see the following window:

Click "Register" 3 to get to the following dialog:

Paste your single user license key (e.g. 'AEDL9-F2D9M-WLUCF-Q8DWG-B2VKJ') into the text box and click Register.

When connected to an articy:server, License management is not available in the main menu. In this scenario, license management is handled by the server administrator and you don't have to bother at all.

Unregister and Cancel subscriptionSINGLE-USER

In the License management you can 4 unregister your license, which allows the transfer of the license key to a different installation or system.

NEW in 3.2! Clicking unregister opens a confirmation box that also allows to copy the license key to the clipboard. Make sure you have your license key available before unregistering!

If you have a Flex version, i.e. a subscription based articy:draft license, you can 5 cancel the subscription from within the app in case you want to take a break NEW in 3.2!. The Cancel button will take you directly to the cancellation webpage and will automatically fill in your license information.

View and manage your license MULTI-USER

Server administrators find the same text box and register button in the Server information tab of the administration mode. Paste your server license there (same format as the single user key but always beginning with a 'B') and the entire server as well as all users working there are registered.

Single-user and multi-user hybrids

You can use the same articy:draft client for working on single- and multi-user projects. In this case you require a single-user license which will be activated and managed as described above in the single-user paragraph. In addition to that, the administrator for the multi-user projects needs to assign a multi-user license to your user. This is done for you on the server end. As soon as both licenses are found and validated, you can start working on both types of projects.

Required internet connetion / grace period

articy:draft needs to have a valid internet connection for the initial validation of your license.

After that, you need to be connected again within a grace period of 30 days. That means that you can work without an internet connection for 30 days. You won't be able to use articy:draft after the 30 days have expired unless you establish at least a temporary internet connection to re-validate your license. After this, your articy:draft installation accepts being offline for another 30 days.