Multi-user environment

"Project and server administration"

Setting up the environment MULTI-USER

Before creating a multi-user project you must first install the articy:server and create one or more users. The following guide explains this setup step by step:

STEP 1: Choose a PC to run the server software

Choose a PC on which the articy:server shall run. This can be any PC in your office (the articy:server service just needs minimal system resources). Just make sure that all team members are able to connect to this machine and communicate the server address and port to all team members, so that they can log in with the articy:draft client.

STEP 2: Install the articy:server service

Install the Articy Server on the chosen machine.

Just follow the setup wizard step by step.

Register your articy:server licence key. This key always starts with a 'B'. If you don't have the licence key at hand, you can also register it after the installation is finished (see STEP 5).

STEP 3: Connect to the server

Start articy:draft (Multi-User) ideally from a workstation or articy:draft (Server-Admin) and connect to the server by entering the address and port number:

STEP 4: Enter server administration mode

Go to the server administration mode by using the following default credentials:
User name = serveradmin
Password = ServerAdmin (capitalized 'S' and 'A')

STEP 5: Change server password

The first thing you should do after entering the server administration mode is to change the password. Click on the main menu in the upper left and choose "Change profile/password" 1. Of course you can always change the password later.

STEP 6: Register licence key

Register your articy:server licence key. In the server administration mode click on "Register" 2.

Enter the licence key that always starts with a 'B' 3.

After the key was validated you can see how many multi-user and viewer licences are available for your team 4.

STEP 7: Create users

Now that the server is installed and the licence key registered, you can create user profiles for all team members that shall work with articy:draft. Switch to the tab labeled "User" and click on "Create" 5:

Make sure to assign a viewer (read-only access) or a usual multi-user licence to every created user 6:

STEP 8: Leave server administration mode

Open the main menu and choose 'Leave administration mode'. The user login-screen re-apprears.

STEP 9: Login as regular user

Use the username and password you just entered when creating the new articy:draft user. The project selector screen appears.

STEP 10: Create project

Now it is time to create your first multi-user project. For details see here.

If you have already installed the articy:draft demo projects, you will see them now.

For more details about the Multi-user environment, read here.