Convert to Flow

The scratchpad is great for writing linear texts, but when it comes to interactive and non-linear stories, the node-based approach of the flow is the better solution. Articy:draft combines both worlds by offering the option to convert the traditional screenplay format into connected nodes of the flow and vice versa.

To convert text from the scratchpad into flow objects simply mark one or more paragraphs of text and drag & drop it to the desired area of the flow. Now you can choose between the following options:

If you choose "automatic", the conversion will determine the node type depending on the used format templates. Headlines are interpreted as name of a flow fragment or of a dialogue whether or not a dialogue-related format template was used between that and the following headline.

The marked text contains one headline followed by some general text and a short conversation (two lines of dialogue) between two characters.

When dropping the text on the flow editor you can choose how to convert it. In this case we select "automatic".

The automatic conversion detects the dialogue format templates and thus creates a dialogue node named like the text's headline 1. The node's description is filled with the general text. The dialogue lines are automatically created as two connected dialogue fragments within the dialogue node 2.

Just like converting text into flow objects it's possible to convert flow nodes into a screenplay format in the scratchpad. Select the nodes you want to convert and hold down ALT while dragging them onto the scratchpad.