Creating Notes

Notes can be created in the usual way by navigating to the "Notes"-section and using the according button in the toolbar.
But there is also a quicker way: While working on other sections of an articy:draft project it may happen that you have a spontaneous idea and you need to write it down quickly before losing it. In this case you can simply click on the "take a note"-button in the master toolbar 1, which opens the Scratchpad in a new window and automatically creates a new note.

That note is temporary as long as you don't save it: So click on "save note in project" () to name it and to choose a folder to store it in your project. Otherwise temporary notes are deleted when closing the project.
The "take a note" feature is especially helpful for multi-user projects, because all team-members are able to write down ideas quickly before taking care of claiming certain partitions.