The Scratchpad is the view to read and edit notes. It resembles a basic text editor, but comes with some special features that facilitate the writing of screenplays.

Format templates

Currently there are five format templates:

Headline: Slightly bigger font and underlined 1

General text: This is the default text format 2

Speaking entity: Centered and upper-case (used for character names in a screenplay) 3

Stage direction: Indented and in brackets (used as parenthetical in a screenplay) 4

Spoken text: Slightly indented (used for dialogue lines in a screenplay) 5

Format templates are always applied to a whole paragraph, so it's not possible to have different formats within one line of text.
To format text set the mouse-cursor in the line you want to edit and choose a format template from the toolbar. Alternatively press TAB to open the quick selection for format templates.

Auto-completion of entity names

When writing text that is formatted as "speaking entity", the scratchpad will suggest names of already existing entities. To choose one of the suggestions, select it with the mouse or use the arrow keys and press ENTER. This helps to avoid typos and accelerates the writing process.

If you write a name that doesn't match with any of the existing entities, it is marked with this symbol:

The same symbol appears if the name matches with more than one existing entity. Clicking on it will open a dialog to directly choose from your pool of entities.