The notification system

When you start articy:draft, a build-in notification system checks for news like available updates and presents them in the notification window. This is a very convenient way for you to always stay up-to-date without the need to browse external resources.

The notification window resembles an e-mail inbox. The upper part shows the list of all available notifications 1. Click on the notification you want to read more about and the lower part of the window will show the full message 2.

Unread messages will appear in bold characters in the notification list.

If there is at least one unread message in the list, articy:draft will automatically open the notification window on start-up.

Important messages will be marked with a yellow attention icon 3. Please read these messages carefully!

After you have closed the notification window, you can always bring it up again by clicking the "notifications" 1 icon in the master tool bar.