'Record mode' / 'Auto-play'

Record mode

By default, a presentation starts in the so-called record mode 1.

This means that for each branching point in the flow, articy:draft presents you a multiple-choice menu with all the possible choices 2 and lets you make decisions. Your choices will be stored, and they shape your journey. You cannot just step forward at a branching point as the button 3 is greyed out, because articy:draft needs to know which path you wish to take.

Once you have "recorded a journey" by taking one path through the story flow in the presentation view, you can save this journey and play it back any time later. To save a temporary journey, either click the disk symbol in the navigation panel or besides the temporary journey entry in the navigator.

Exemplary use case:

If you start with a story outline and prototype that with the presentation view, you can always re-visit the same journey while you're writing the actual text and dialogue lines.

Playing back a pre-recorded journey still uses the current up-to-date texts, so it's a great way to iterate on the emotional aspects of a certain path without having to worry about the structure. As you see in the image below, when record mode is switched off, you won't be able to change the path you've taken previously and all other options will be hidden.


articy:draft can play back your recorded journey automatically with no user interaction required. After you have specified the duration of each slide in the journey settings and deactivated record mode, you can click the auto-play 1 button and enjoy an automated presentation.

Auto-play is only available when record-mode is switched off.