Recent changes

Version 3.2.2 Released: 2022-09-22

Version 3.2.1 Released: 2022-08-23

Version 3.2.0 Released: 2022-08-17

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2022-09-22

articy:draft - General

  • Improved: Right-click context menu handling changed to select the item under the mouse before opening the context menu. An existing multi-selection is preserved when the right-click occurs over items that are already selected.
  • Improved: Made image import more robust to corrupted/unreadable images to prevent such cases to possibly crash articy:draft.
  • Fixed: A language other than English in the export dialog for Unity, Unreal and JSON was not properly used.
  • Fixed: Fixed bad watermark text for Comment nodes.
  • Fixed: Traversal problems especially for Hub nodes in Journeys/Simulation mode were fixed.
  • Fixed: Fixed a bug where new variable sets can't be created in rare cases.

articy:draft - MDK / API

Due to the changes below, you now might get an Exception if you try do those "forbidden" operations. This might result in side effects of your plugins.

  • Improved: On some occations ObjectCreated was called for Objects that are not exposed for direct API usage (e.g. Property Template Objects)
  • Fixed: It was possible to create an ObjectProxy from a Template/Feature object, that was not readonly.

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2022-08-23

articy:draft - General

  • Fixed: Fixed a navigation problem where two levels are taken when using back or emerge.
  • Fixed: Wrong condition for Unreal export's enumerated value checks.
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem when the language setting can't be derived. (Not set and no spellchecker enabled.)
  • Fixed: Fixed a problem with a missing Microsoft VC redist file when installing on "clean" systems where it is not already present.
  • Improved: Due to customer feedback, we optionally bring back the gradient colors in the Flow. By specifying -ui.gradients as command-line switch / launch option (Steam) the gradients will be used again.

articy:draft - Version

Released: 2022-08-17

Since this is a bigger feature release you should visit the Whats News in 3.2 or Blog page for more information and some tutorial videos around the new features and improvements.

articy:draft - General

  • New: Added Favorites and Favorite Library browser.

    There are some command-line switches if you like to customize it a bit:
    -Fav.OutlineColor #00FF00
    -Fav.HighlightInNavigator false
    -Fav.HighlightInFlow false
    -Fav.HighlightInContentBrowser false

    Defaults are Yellow and true for all.

    Favorites are stored per user and project in your profile directory.

  • New: Multi-Assign Speaker that allows to assign a speaker to a multi-selection of Dialogue-Fragments either in the Flow, the Content Browser or results from a search.

  • New: Create new projects while taking over Templates/Features/Property Definitions from another project.

  • New: Auto-Save.
    There are some command-line switches if you like to customize it a bit:
    -noautosave Disable auto save at all
    -autosave.Interval nn Time between autosaves 5-nn Minutes, 15 min default
    -autosave.NoticeTime nn Time to visibly notice an upcoming autosave in the ribbon area; 0-60 Seconds, 10 secs default
  • New: Enhanced scripting functionality. Added methods:
    incrementProp(object, propertyName, increment),
    decrementProp(object, propertyName, decrement),
    isPropInRange(object, propertyName, lowerBound, upperBound),
    isInRange(valueToCheck, lowerBound, upperBound)

  • Improved: Removed gradients to make nodes look cleaner. (The text color now switches between black and white according to the luminance of the background)

  • Improved: Added a confirmation box in the License Management dialog when unregistering a license, to prvent accidentially unregistering. It is also possible to copy the currently used license key when doing this or by selecting the box where it is shown.

  • Improved: Added preview image generation of video files.

  • Improved: Improved performance when entering a flow layer especially for some edge cases that uses many hubs or conditions.

  • Improved: Improved application startup performance.

  • Improved: "Show template information" now also shows them for Dialogue fragments

  • Improved: Flow selection behavior
    • If you select a single object in the flow view this selection is shown in the navigator as well.
    • Selecting a Flow containers ( FlowFragments & Dialogues ) now always shows it in its parent container.
    • Using CTRL+Click on a flow container, opens the content of that flow container in the flow view.

  • Improved: Better handling of preview images
    • Bigger thumbnails.
    • Allow a preview image area partly outside of thumbnail.
    • Allow to select smaller parts inside the thumbnail
    • Better clipping.

  • Improved: Location open links in new Tab with CTRL+Double-Click
    This also works for ShowInFlow, ShowInModelSheet, ShowInLocation commands with CTRL pressed

  • Improved: Improved "Quick create"
    Now it it possible to create Dialogue-Fragments with Speaker AND Template combinations instead of doing it only for Speaker OR Template combinations.
    The already used combinations of the current visible flow view are shown first.
    Available for "New", drag-out and Quick create multiple branches

  • Improved: Multi-Select in Document objects
    Multiple objects can be now selected for documents.
    The selection is available to MDK plugins.
    You may change the opacity for the "secondary selection" using the command-line:
    -nav.MultiSelectionOpacity 0.5 (Range: 0.1-1.0, default 0.5)

  • Improved: Start without command-line parameters
    Normally articy:draft is always started with command-line parameters which specify if the application should start up in "single-user" or "multi-user" fashion.
    The default is "multi-user". But when using windows functionality like pin to start/taskbar will only add a link to the executeable removing the initial command-line.
    This led to confusion for a single-user customer when the login screen was presented. The new bahavior now starts in a "mixed mode" in this case presenting the single-user projects, but also allowing to go back to the server login screen and vice versa.

  • Improved: Renamed exports and added better tooltips.
    Focussed on the use of the export and less on the used output format. e.g the ".docx" export is now the "Object export (.docx)" which export objects in a character sheet like fashion while the "word export" in the flow toolbar is now the "Screenplay export" because this one transforms the flow to a screenplay like format using additional hyperlinks like in an adventurebook to handle branching choices.

  • Improved: New Context-Menu Entry "Copy Hyperlink"
    • creates an articy:// protocol hyperlink that allows to jump directly to that object.
    • requires the target project to be alread opened in articy:draft.
  • Improved: Hideable display names of Node-Toolbox entries
    If you think you don't need the nodes names in the toolbox and want to give the space to the other elements of the toolbar you may add the command-line switch:
    -flow.noToolboxText to remove the text display and only show their icons.

articy:draft - Multi-User

  • New: Easier reachable partition operations. Claiming/Unclaiming command is now reachable on hover over an object entry in the navigator.
  • Fixed: Better checks for project import into an MU server. Fixed an error condition later when the creating the project and the ProjectInfo.aph was missing.

articy:draft - Engine Exports (Unreal/Unity)

Please ensure that your engine plugins are up to date to be able to use the new functionality

  • Improved: Added validation of enum values when using the Unreal export (only 0-255 is allowed, a 0 value is required).
  • Improved: It is not possible to edit the export filename to use relative pathnames for export (relative to project folder of articy:draft project).

articy:draft - MDK / API

  • Improved: Added plugin context menu to Preview images/attachment strip entries.
  • Fixed: When you tried to use the docx Object Export using the ExportToDocxArgs arguments, the PreselectedObjects was missing.
    This resulted in an corrupted output file. The export was only possible using the generic Args and configure the export using the XML also used for export presets.

Older versions

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