Features are basically sets of associated properties. They can contain as many properties as you like. For example the feature "Basic Item Properties" contains properties that are shared among all item types in the game, like "weight", "value" or "can be equipped?". Another feature named "Armor Properties" contains more specific properties that only apply to that item type. The template "Armor" contains both features and can be quickly created by combing those features.

Creating/ Editing Features

To create a new feature, navigate to the Feature section (underneath Template Design) and click on Create new feature in the toolbar or choose this entry from the right-click context menu.
In contrast to templates, features are not bound to specific object types, so created features can be used in templates of any kind.
Click on a feature in the navigator or double-click it in the list or tiles view to see its content and parameters. To add properties and to edit the feature's parameters click on the Edit button in the upper right corner.

In version 1.5 and lower you can only create and edit features in the exclusive mode.

The feature editor consists of four sections: On the left 1 you have a list of all property types that can be added to the feature. Simply drag & drop a property type onto the layout area 2 to create a new property. The layout area shows a green color whenever a property can be added and is colored red, if there are not enough free cells at the current position.
On the upper right side 3 you can edit the feature's parameters, basically its display and technical name. Beneath the feature's parameters you can edit the parameters of individual properties 4. Select a property in the layout area to see and edit its name, tooltip, minimum value and further parameters.

You can use these parameters to create your own validation rules. For example you may want to restrict the maximum length of certain texts to make sure they fit in the game's user interface. Or you mark certain properties as "mandatory" to force your team-members to fill-out this field.
Whenever a value contradicts such a validation articy:draft will display an error message like this:

Moving the mouse-cursor over the red exclamation mark displays a tooltip telling you which validation rules are violated exactly.