Object templates overview

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"Object templates"


You can create custom templates for nearly all object types in articy:draft. With these custom templates you can add your own project-specific properties to the basic object parameters.
You're making a car game and the provided character templates don't suit your demands? Simply create your own "car template" with the properties you need. You want to do your mission design in articy:draft? Just create your own "mission node" with a template for flow fragments.
The template system is one of articy:draft's most powerful features as it enables you to structure your game data in just the way you need it.

The template system consists of three layers:

  • You can preconfigure properties and save them as property definitions whenever you have a property that you need multiple times at different occasions.
  • Features are a set of properties. Within features you can use property definitions or create properties directly in the feature editor.
  • Templates again consist of one or more features. And finally, objects can have exactly one template assigned.

This modular approach may seem like overkill at first, but it will save you a lot of time in the long run and produces much cleaner output when exporting the project.

Every object can only have one template assigned. So it's not possible to create an entity with a car template and a robot template to create something like a "transformer"-entity. Instead you can create "car" and "robot" as features and add them to the "transformer"-template.