Slots & Strips

Slots & Strips are property types that allow to contain links to other articy objects. Those linked objects are visualized in almost the same way as they are in the tiles view.

A slot may contain exactly one link and is very similar to the speaker property of a dialogue fragment while a strip may contain as many links as you want to. For both types it is possible to define what kind of objects can be linked to them.

The first hierarchical level contains all basic object types. The second level offers the possibility to only allow objects with a specific template.

The checkbox can have the following states:
1 Unchecked: No objects of that type (regardless of their template) are allowed.
2 Filled: Only objects with specific (checked) templates are allowed.
3 Checked: All objects of that type (regardless of their template) are allowed

Assets cannot have templates, but it's possible to restrict a reference property to certain file-types like images or documents.