With templates you can add your own properties to the basic articy:draft objects. It's possible to create objects directly from a template or to assign a template to an already created object.

Templates are supported for most object types including
  • Flow elements (flow fragment, dialogue, dialogue fragment)
  • Entities
  • Locations
  • Location sub-elements (zone, path, spot, link)
  • Flow control elements (jump, hub)
  • Assets
  • Notes Only in articy:draft 1
  • Documents NEW in 2.0!

Creating / Editing Templates

To create a new template, navigate to the Template Design system folder and open the Templates system folder. First, you have to choose the object type you want to create a new template for by choosing the corresponding folder (e.g. Flow Fragments or Entities). Within these object type folders click on create new template in the toolbar or in the right-click context menu.

In version 1.5 and lower you can only create and edit templates in the multi-user version while being in exclusive mode, to avoid conflicts with templates that are already in use and currently claimed by another user.

Click on a template in the navigator or double-click it in the list or tiles view to see its content and parameters. To add features and to edit the template's parameters click on edit in the upper right corner. This opens the template editor in a new window. Please note: While editing templates you cannot work on other sections of articy:draft.

The template editor consists of four sections: On the left 1 you see all features that can be added to the template. Simply drag & drop a feature onto the layout area 2 to add it. The layout area shows a green color whenever a feature can be dropped and is colored red, if there are not enough free cells at the current position.

You can now select an already dropped feature and move it UP or DOWN via the arrow buttons at the right side of the feature's headline.

On the upper right side 3 you can edit the template's parameters like its name and the icon and color that will be displayed on objects created with this template. When using custom icons you should use graphics that are at least 128 x 128 pixels big.

Beneath the template's parameters you can edit the parameters of individual properties 4. Select a property in the layout area to see and edit its tooltip, minimum value and further parameters.

Not all property parameters can be changed within the template editor. Some parameters - like the property's name - are only editable in the feature editor.