The "Conflicts" tab

Besides the normal search function the navigator also provides a tab that is dedicated to the search of conflicts inside the project.

Click on the conflicts tab 1 of the navigator. The normal project tree is replaced by the conflict search criteria form 2 and the result list 3.

The result list contains all objects, where at least one of the specifyied conflicts occurs. Selecting an object in the result list will show the details of this object in exactly the same way as when selecting this object in the normal project tree.

When opening the search tab for the first time after opening the project, the result list is empty. Conflict search results are temporary and will not be saved along with the rest of the project.

Currently articy:draft offers to search the following types of conflicts:

Invalid property values

When working with templates, objects can be enriched with additional custom fields. For each of those custom fields, rules can be declared like "this text must not be shorter than 255 characters" or "this number must be between 3 and 18". Users are allowed to enter values, that don't match those rules however, those non-complying fields are clearly marked in the properties view (see here). When Invalid property values is checked, all objects are found that contain at least one non-complying value.

Duplicate technical names

All articy:draft objects can be given a technical name. However, every technical name should be used only once throughout the entire project. When checking Duplicate technical names the conflict search lists all objects that contain an already used technical name.

Invalid references

articy:draft provides many ways to connect objects with each other. However sometimes it will happen that one user links e.g. an entity to a dialogue fragment (setting the speaker) while another user decides to delete the very entity from the project. This is an example, how invalid or broken references may occur. To help the team members mending such a conflict, the reference (in this case the speaker of the dialogue fragment) is not entirely removed but set to an "invalid" state. If Invalid references is checked in the conflict search, all objects are listed, that reference such an already deleted articy object.

Defective assets

Sometimes when importing assets, problems can occur when trying to access the specified files. Files might be locked, access rights may be insufficient or files are unavailable for some reasons. After 5 failed attemps, articy:draft cancels the asset import but keeps the asset object. This allows the user to give it another try after the (external) cause for the failed import has beens fixed. Such failed imports can be found by checking Defective assets.

Specifying the scope of the search

Similar to the normal search function a conflict search can be restricted to a certain part of the articy:draft project.

The screenshot above shows a conflict search that would search for all types of conflicts but only inside the "Entities" system folder.

Visibility settings

As an option you may want to show the claiming state of the found objects' partition 1, display the object color 2 or group objects based on their location in the overall project tree, the object path 3. For long paths only the first and last part of the hierarchy will be displayed.