Exporting data

Opening the 'export dialog'

To open the export dialog, you can either...

  • Click the main-menu button 1 and select 'export'2, or...

  • Right-click on any object 3 and select 'export'4 from the context menu.

There is also an export icon in the toolbar 5 which lets you export selected objects in the current view:

Exporting search results

You can also export the resulting objects of a search. On the search tab 6, run a seach to get a list of objects. Then click on the export icon 7. Only objects from the search result will be checked in the 8 "Objects to be exported" list.

Relative export path

For all exports from the export window (Unreal, Unity, .json, .xml, .docx, .xlsx, and .xlsx for re-import) it is possible to use a relative export path.