articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Tue 24. Oct 2017, 09:24

Learn articy:draft 3. Start today! - with our brand new First Steps tutorial video series.

The following link is the YouTube playlist, where you can watch the tutorials completely for free.
With the aid of a fictive project, we make you familiar with articy:drafts workflows and features. You’ll learn to set up a project, write dialogues and later on, also use some of the more advanced scripting possibilities.
In the end, this gives you a great insight of the workflows and features of articy:draft 3.

Of course, the project files for this tutorial series are also available for download:

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Peter Thielmann
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Re: articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Wed 8. May 2019, 12:40

Hi, I'm new to Articy. The tutorials look really promising. However somehow I can't open the project files. I created a new project and it opens just fine, even if I open from file. Error message does not seem very helpful. It just states that the project files could not be loaded. Is this a version issue? I noticed the tutorials are from 2017 and I just downloaded Articy yesterday.
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Re: articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Tue 14. May 2019, 13:56

Hi JDescy,

The issue could be that the length of the file path is too long.

For example if your path to the project file looks something like this: “C:\Users\karsten\Downloads\firststeps_tutorial_projectfiles\articydraft 3 - First Steps Tutorial Project Files\articydraft 3 - First Steps Tutorial 02 project\Tutorial project” it prompts the loading error.

Please try to move the project files up a few levels. After I tried it, the project loaded without any issues.

Best regards,
[Articy] Karsten Feyerabend
Articy Staff
Articy Staff
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Re: articy:draft 3 - Tutorial Video Series

Mon 20. May 2019, 16:21

That worked. Thank you! :)
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