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Tue 28. May 2019, 14:25


I want to make a debugger for my project which uses articy as a conversation editor. Basically I would like my game to connect to articy and have acrticy highlight the visited node(s) in the flow graph, based on data sent from the game. I think I should be able to implement this using the MDK, however, it is a bit unclear how I should highlight the visited node(s).

ApiSession.BringObjectIntoView() should allow me to focus on the visited node, but it would be very nice to apply a special color or outline to the nodes instead. That way the user could zoom out and be able to see the where in the graph the highlighted node is.

I assume I should be able to set the color of a node from the MDK too, but that would mean actually modifying the state of the project and I would not want to do that. Is there another way to visually highlight an object without having to touch the project data itself?

Finally, if it is not possible to highlight an object without modifying the data, what would be the best way to highlight a node in the flow graph? Just set the color of an object using ObjectPropertyNames.FillColor and then set it back later? Or can I undo the color modifications from code?

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