How to use XPS files?

Thu 6. Jun 2019, 03:45

This is a more general question to the community: How does one use a XPS file in a workflow outside of AD3?

My current goal is to create a game design document that focuses on the game world, and not the game technical data like the exporters write.

The XPS viewer is OK, but it only prints the file. None of my Adobe CC apps import the XPS format. My Adobe Acrobat Reader keeps displaying a message that the format is not supported or damaged. My Office 365 apps will not import XPS as an image (duh, its xml) or as a object (which I assumed the xps viewer would have rendered)

The docx export does an ok job exporting to jpg. But, the objects are getting scaled differently than the xps export. I dont know of a dialog window to control the exporting setting of the jpg files, like setting the dpi (I have a Surface Book 1 so my dpi is very high, even on my external monitor). I dont see a way to manage the vector data in the macro kit either.
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