Derived character attributes via script property

Thu 24. Oct 2019, 09:20

Hi there,

for our characters we have a set of base attributes and a set of derived attributes. The base attributes get set by our designers and the derived attributes should automatically evaluate based on a formula for each attribute utilizing several base attributes.

Quick 'n simple example: Say we have our base attributes 'Endurance' and 'Strength' and the corresponding derived attribute is, say, Health, incorporating the simple equation of 'Hea = End + Str / 2'.

How would we do that using script properties in our character template?
We want our designers to be able to directly see the derived attributes, so they can adjust the base attributes or even the formulas if needed, without having to access the game's or our importer's code. Another thing is, that we want to remove those formulas from the game's existing code entirely, so everything is neatly organized within Articy.
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