Unity Asset Store and new version 2.1.1 (36617 )

Mon 23. Mar 2020, 18:32

Hi everyone,

our Unity plugin recently moved to the Unity Asset Store! You can find it here.
But you can still download the latest plugin version via our website.

As part of the asset store release, two new plugin versions were released in quick succession.
Please make sure that you use articy:draft 3.1.26 or higher.

Version 2.1.0 (36419)
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- changed: moved the folder “Assets/ArticyContent” to “Assets/ArticyImporter/Content”. The plugin will upgrade existing projects to the new folder structure automatically.
- changed: moved the Articy menu bar entries under "Tools"
- changed: divided debug flow player files into subfolders called "Prefabs" and "Scripts"
- changed: hubs and jumps are no longer default pauseOn nodes
- updated: Json.NET version
- updated: Ionic.Zip version
- added: flow player branch sorting, which can be customized via ArticyFlowPlayer.BranchSorting
- added: some missing help URLs
- fixed: short delay after recompile
- fixed: exception in UnityEditor when opening ArticyPluginSettings via ArticyRuntimeSettings custom inspector in Unity versions <= 2017.4
- fixed: creating ArticyRuntimeSettings when Assets/ArticyContent/Generated/Resources does not exist
- fixed: ArticyRuntimeSettings and ArticyGenerated.Editor.asmdef got deleted when clearing generated files
- fixed: compile errors after clearing generated files when using CallScript with method provider as param
- fixed: deleting .meta files when clearing generated files
- fixed: setting ArticyFlowPlayer.StartOn to null
- changed: changes for Nevigo -> Articy rebranding
- removed: dependencies to UnityEngine.UI

Version 2.1.1 (36617)
Code: Select all
- added: basic support for "disable domain reload" feature (Unity 2019.3+)
- fixed: issue when upgrading the folder structure introduced with plugin version 2.1 in an existing project that uses AssetDatabase v2
- fixed: using dots in string parameters of text extension custom methods
- fixed: stop on nodes that are input pin owners got executed twice
- updated: ArticyRef PropertyDrawer to new editor style (Unity 2019.3+)
- changed: disabled update notifications

If you encounter any problems with the changes in the plugin please let us know and if necessary you can go back to the previous versions found here.

Best regards,

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