Unity Importer source code

Thu 26. Mar 2020, 11:02

Good day!
I've found some Unreal Importer source code on github. Did you not host Unity Importer code intentionally? Is it possible that you share Unity Importer source code?
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Unity Importer source code

Mon 30. Mar 2020, 16:19

Hi thepunkoff,

yes, it is intended that we don’t share the Unity Importer code. We have currently no plans to change this.
For open source we can't give the level of support we can give for closed source, because every possible change by the user can break things that are not under our control.

The Unreal Importer source code is available because it is required for Unreal.

Best regards,

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[Articy] Christian Schildt
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Re: Unity Importer source code

Fri 3. Apr 2020, 00:02

Thanks for the reply!
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