Listing Flow Fragments

Thu 9. Nov 2017, 10:01

Is there a way to get all FlowFragment ObjectProxies without knowing the name nor ID of these?
I don't find any getFlows nor related method in the API.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: Listing Flow Fragments

Fri 10. Nov 2017, 16:11

Hi Julen,

that is quite easy using the articy:draft - Query Language

Code: Select all
var result = Session.RunQuery("SELECT * FROM Flow WHERE ObjectType=FlowFragment");
foreach ( var obj in result.Rows )
    // to what you want with your object 'obj'

You can write quite complex queries to collect your objects. In your case the above query does the job. The values for "ObjectType" are the elements of the enum ObjectTypes as shown here

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[Articy] Peter Sabath
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Re: Listing Flow Fragments

Mon 20. Nov 2017, 10:45

Thank you so much,
this is quite easier than iterating all nodes and sorting them by type manually :D

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