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Tue 12. Sep 2017, 13:39

Hi everyone,

welcome to our sub forum for the ArticyImporter plugin for the unreal engine 4. Here you can ask questions and provide feedback around the unreal 4 plugin.

We should point out that this release is far from a finished product, this is not considered a full release and is meant as a foundation for your own implementation. We don't provide the full support we usually do with our products and instead decided to release what we have up to this point as open source.
And if you decide, in the spirit of open source, that the changes you made is something everyone could benefit on, we greatly appreciate it if you give it back and contribute to the plugin! But it certainly is not a must, therefore we decided to release the full plugin source code under the MIT license, giving you the maximum amount of freedom when using our plugin.

If you have already worked with the ArticyImporter for unity you should feel right at home, as we tried to design the unreal plugin in the same spirit (where reasonable).
So head over to github, get the sources and check it out for yourself!

Best regards

Nico Probst
Senior Software Engineer | Articy | LinkedIn
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