Multiple articy projects in one UE4 project

Tue 28. Nov 2017, 11:37

As far as the UE4 plugin is concerned, is it technically reasonable and/or feasible to have and use multiple articy projects in the same UE4 project? And in this sense, would the plugin in the future support using custom articy project folders within the UE4 Content directory so that each articy project could be imported into its own folder?
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Re: Multiple articy projects in one UE4 project

Tue 28. Nov 2017, 12:16

Hi unreal_dev

we probably won't support that in the future. The reason for that is, that we would have to make sure to make ids unique across multiple articy:draft projects, also we would have to merge global variables, assets, etc. we would have multiple flows (the root object for all flow objects) that could cause problems. While all of that would be manageable in given time, we currently don't plan to do that. One articy:draft project one unreal project. You can use packages to split the objects into load and unload-able packages at runtime to minimize the amount of objects loaded at once.
But i got that request for the unity plugin aswell so we will keep it in mind for future iterations of the plugins.

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Re: Multiple articy projects in one UE4 project

Wed 29. May 2019, 13:47

Just out of curiosity: what's the use case for this feature?
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