Adapt articy:draft 3 to your specific needs and workflows

Every project has a life of its’ own and we want to make sure that you can further tailor your narrative design tool to the specific needs of your project.
Whether you want to create an articy:draft plugin on your own or prefer to commission our team to create a custom solution, we are happy to advise you on the best way to achieve your goals.

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The Free Macro Devkit

The ideal solution for teams who prefer to create and maintain their own customization.

The Macro Devkit allows teams to write their own plugin for the articy:draft client. It is best suited for small changes that require a quick fix and low maintenance efforts. The Macro Devkit provides a rich set of methods to query, manipulate or process objects, add context based commands to context menus, protect content from being deleted and even write exports to your custom format.

  • MDK Features

    • Use a query language similar to SQL to query & filter objects
    • Create, modify and delete objects.
    • Use/Trigger exports with custom parameters
    • Add commands to context menus depending on the selected object
    • Add commands to a global menu
    • Hooks to intercept object creation, deletion, selection change, template value changes, copy & paste operations
    • Easy to use background tasks with progress dialog
    • You even can add own windows
  • Before you start, book a free consultation with our experts to set yourself up for success.

    When you’re ready to get started, head over to our downloads page to get the available ready-made plugins or the Macro Devkit installer to create your own. For additional information on the MDK, check the technical documentation.

    Custom Solutions

    Ideal for teams who prefer to focus on their creative output and work with our experts for custom technical solutions.

    Creating your own plugins takes time and effort to maintain and sometimes the scope of the need is greater and a plugin just won’t cut it. That’s where our experts can create a dedicated custom solution that will save you a lot of time and effort.

    • What to expect

      • Free consultation where our experts assess the needs of your team and advise you on the best way forward
      • Tailored technical solutions specifically designed for your own project and workflows
      • Adaptations and Fixes should the scope of your needs change
      • Instructions on how to make the best use of your newly developed solution
      • Support and maintenance where needed
    • We’ve helped many different teams spanning industries, company sizes, and countries with dedicated custom solutions that turned articy:draft 3 into a writing and narrative design tool perfectly suited for their specific workflows. Book a free consultation with our experts to find out if a custom solution is the right solution for you.

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