Interactive stories are complex by nature. Use articy:draft as a visual database to keep track of all your storylines, characters, and variables in one place. From macro to micro, our nested Flow View lets you create coherent stories from start to end - even when facing a myriad of player choices.


Integrating content into your game has never been easier. Hundreds of quests, thousands of items, countless lines of dialogue - all in your game with just a single click. Flexible exports, a powerful API and ready-made integrations for Unity and Unreal let you set up a seamless and efficient content pipeline.


Game development is teamwork and a shared vision is a key to success. From small indie teams to large AAA studios - sharing up-to-date content easily is a must. With a fully integrated version control and change history articy:draft lets you unlock the true power of creative collaboration.

Game Writing

Designed for interactivity

As a game writer your tools of the trade need to be up to the task. articy:draft is the professional solution for writing interactive content for all game genres.

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Game Planning

Organize your thoughts

Lots of ideas scribbled on a wild collection of notes. Sounds familiar? Transform your game design ideas into a structured project, and quickly share relevant information throughout the entire team.

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Game CMS

Data Management made easy

Tired of juggling your spreadsheets? With articy:draft you create and manage data in an easy to use visual environment. Refine content through iteration, and hand it over directly to your game engine of choice.

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