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Global Game Jam 2020

Articy sponsored the Global Game Jam 2020 held at the SAE Institute in Bochum

Interview: Samantha Webb

Interview with Samantha Webb, game writer and mentor

Interview: Charles Cecil

Interview with one of the Adventure Games legends, Charles Cecil


Articy team at AdventureX

Interview: Katharine Neil

Interview with Katharine Neil from AdventureX 2019 on comedy in games

Interview: Dave Gilbert

Interview on game development topics with Dave Gilbert from Wadjet Eye Games

Interview: Valentina Tamer

A very insightful chat on narrative design with Valentina Tamer

Interview: David Fox

A very interesting interview with Games industry legend David Fox.

Interview: Kate Edwards

A very interesting interview with one of the strongest women in the Games industry!

Interview: Simon Boxer, Twice different

A very pleasant chat with Simon Boxer, founder of indie studio Twice different, on the challenges of managing a small studio and a closer look at the upcoming games.

Narrascope Talks

10 of the most insightful talks recorded at NarraScope 2019

Articy:Draft 3 is now available in Chinese

Brand new update featuring a new language.

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