About Articy:

Articy Software is a global software developer focused on solutions for interactive storytelling and game content management, based in Bochum, Germany. With a firm belief in a holistic approach to writing, design and development, Articy Software set out to make Interactive stories accessible to authors across industries and has become internationally known through expert consulting and its award winning software articy:draft.

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portrait photo Raluca - CPO

Raluca Percec
Chief Marketing Officer

Press Story:

Storytelling part of all game genres

Throughout the years, video games have experienced tremendous advancements and powerful game engines have emerged making stunning graphics, realistic physics, sound effects, voice over and user-friendly UI the norm for today’s AAA games. In recent years however, the focus has started to shift towards harnessing the power of storytelling as a key factor for achieving high ratings and a driving force for player engagement making it easier for games to scale and occupy a place in the hearts of their players. More to it, storytelling has long breached the borders of narrative games as other genres started bringing it to the forefront of their development process by enhancing story elements. We are witnessing newer editions of games that didn’t use to have a strong narrative component now enriched with captivating stories. Sports games added career modes, shooters got their extensive campaign modes, even the match three puzzle games of today have progression plans and a few friendly characters that help you unlock items and game areas upon completion, making storytelling popular across all game genres.
Alas creating stories for games is a complex process and by no means a small endeavor as the tools for interactive stories are scarce compared to the powerful software available for other areas such as graphics, code, sound and video. Articy Software made it their mission to fill this gap by developing powerful tools for interactive storytelling with a holistic approach to writing, design and development.
With its flagship product: articy:draft X, Articy offers studios a powerful solution for game writing, planning and content management in a writer friendly format. From scriptwriting to nested flowcharts, location editor. localization and story simulation, game writers and narrative designers have all the tools they need in a visual drag and drop environment while the integration to Unity and Unreal makes it easier for developers to transport everything to the game engine without deprecating the story or making the game feel disjointed. With a holistic approach to design and development, Articy makes it easier for studios to concentrate on creating immersive stories.

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