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articy:draft 3 is the world's leading tool for creating interactive stories

articy:draft 3 is the place for all your narrative content: witty dialogue, compelling choices, charming characters, useful items, challenging quests, strategic locations and global variables. Even that idea you once had that you didn’t get a chance to fully explore just yet.

It’s a visual standalone tool for writing branching dialogue, planning, and content management with dedicated integrations to Unity and Unreal.

Get the FREE version now! articy:draft 3 FREE is a standalone version of articy:draft 3 and the ideal, worry-free entry point to interactive storytelling software.
To get your articy:draft 3 FREE simply fill in the form on this page. You will receive an automatic email with your access key and download information.

What is included in the FREE version?

With articy:draft 3 FREE you can explore all your ideas at your own pace. The FREE version has the same features as the paid Single User versions and includes 660 FREE objects for each project, more than enough for you to get started right away.


articy:draft 3 free is a standalone version that you can use forever. With no expiration date or time limits, you can take your time learning the software and progress your project at your own pace.


What you see is what you get: articy:draft 3 FREE has the same set of features as any of the paid single-user versions. There’s no one right way to create an interactive story, with all the features at your disposal, you can explore and experiment to find the best workflow that works for you.


Have several ideas and are not sure where to start? With unlimited projects, you can explore all your ideas until you find the one that wins your heart and will become your next project. 660 objects are included absolutely FREE for each of your projects to get you started right away.


articy:draft 3 FREE is also free for commercial use. No royalties, you are free to use it for anything you want.

  • FAQ

    Is there any risk to get charged while using articy:draft 3 FREE?
    No there is not. To make sure of it, we’re not asking for any kind of payment details to download and use articy:draft 3 FREE.

    How do I get my FREE version?
    To get articy:draft 3 FREE simply fill in the form on this page. You will receive an automatic email with your access key and download information.

    What are objects?
    An object is a single piece of content you add to your project. In articy:draft 3 FREE you will have 660 objects FREE for each of your projects. The FREE objects are split between Flow Elements, Dialogue Nodes, Dialogue Fragments, Entities, Assets and Locations.

    How do I know how many FREE objects I have left in my project?
    You can check the number of used and available FREE objects in the object counter. For step by step instructions please check the tutorial at the bottom of this page.

    What happens when I exceed the FREE objects?
    If you’ve used up the FREE objects and created additional ones, your project will enter a locked state. If that happens you can choose to upgrade and unlock unlimited objects, but if that’s not your thing you can also delete the extra objects to unlock your project and continue to use the FREE version, we won’t judge.

    If I exceed the FREE objects in one project, will the other projects get locked too?
    No, all your other projects will stay unlocked. Each project has 660 objects that can be used for FREE and its own object counter.

    Can I still export my content if I don’t want to buy the paid version?
    Yes, you can use all exports with the FREE version.

    Do I need to pay a fee if I decide to sell my game after if I finished it with articy:draft 3 FREE without ever upgrading?
    No. articy:draft 3 FREE comes with commercial rights included. You are free to use it for commercial purposes.

    Do I have to give credits if I finished my entire game with articy:draft 3 FREE without ever upgrading?
    We would love it if you add articy:draft 3 FREE to your credits or decide to give us a shout out on social media. But you do not have to.

    How does upgrading from articy:draft 3 FREE work?
    If you decide to upgrade, all you need to do is update your license key in the bubble menu at the top left. You will instantly unlock unlimited objects for all your existing projects and can continue with your story right from where you left off.

    Can I also upgrade from Single User to Multi User?
    The Single User and Multi User are separate products of articy:draft 3 so there is no direct way to upgrade from the Single User to Multi User. You can cancel your Single User Subscription at any time and purchase a Multi User Subscription separately. All Single User projects can be converted and continued with the Multi User.

    Is there a FREE Multi User version?
    No, the Multi User does not have a standalone FREE version, but if you and your team wish to try it out, you can download the Multi User Free Trial.

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