Unity Integration

The articy:draft importer for Unity

To ease integrating articy:draft created content into a project that uses the Unity engine we offer a specialized export that can be used in combination with the articy:draft importer for Unity versions 2017 and newer.
Use a rich and easy set of methods to work with objects, traverse a dialog tree with user customizable callbacks.
Work with global variables, execute script code that was originally written within articy:draft.
The text markup of articy:draft is converted to Unity RichText format, texts are exported as Excel sheets to support translation of your texts.
The new 2.0 Version of the importer additionally support Text interpolation/replacement, access to templates restrictions, property change notifications and many more.

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The articy:draft importer offers

  • Automatic import from articy:draft
  • Customizable flow traversal engine
  • Convenient C# access to all data
  • Powerful data-binding for texts
  • Central database
  • Fast script evaluation
  • Localization support
  • Easy to use Unity components
  • Link articy:draft to Unity to ease debugging
Do you want to learn more about the Unity importer? Read technical information Watch the Tutorial Series Tutorial Series

Quick start for the articy:draft 3 Unity Importer

Boost your iteration process. Our comprehensive Unity plugin gets your content ready to use
in Unity with just a few clicks. Watch this video for a quickstart of the articy:draft 3 Unity Importer.
If you’re looking for more detailed instructions, follow the Tutorial Series.