Unity Integration

The articy:draft importer for Unity

To ease integrating articy:draft created content into a project that uses the Unity engine we offer a specialized export that can be used in combination with the articy:draft importer for Unity versions 2017 and newer. Use a rich and easy set of methods to work with objects, traverse a dialog tree with user customizable callbacks. Work with global variables, execute script code that was originally written within articy:draft. The text markup of articy:draft is converted to Unity RichText format, texts are exported as Excel sheets to support translation of your texts. The new 2.0 Version of the importer additionally support Text interpolation/replacement, access to templates restrictions, property change notifications and many more.

The articy:draft importer offers

  • Automatic import from articy:draft
  • Customizable flow traversal engine
  • Convenient C# access to all data
  • Powerful data-binding for texts
  • Central database
  • Fast script evaluation
  • Localization support
  • Easy to use Unity components
  • Link articy:draft to Unity to ease debugging
Do you want to learn more about the Unity importer? Read technical information Download Unity importer and demo projects Go to Downloads

How to Use the articy:draft 3 Unity Importer

Boost your iteration process. Our comprehensive Unity plugin gets your content ready to use
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