Unreal Integration

Download the open source community-build Unreal importer

articy:draft 3 Unreal Importer

The changelog for the Unreal Importer is available here

Open source community-build articy:draft importer for Unreal Engine 4 at GitHub

The Unreal Engine importer allows integrating articy:draft content into Unreal projects and provides a simple C++ and blueprint interface to work with the data. We release this importer as a github open source project that will provide a substantial headstart into incorporating articy:draft data into Unreal projects while still allowing enough flexibility to adjust the importer to personal needs.

While full support is not guaranteed for this product, we’re constantly working on improvemets and would love to hear your suggestions.

articy:draft 3 Unreal Importer Demo Projects

Maniac Manfred Unreal

Our Maniac Mandfred demo project will make it easier to understand how the Unreal Importer works. It has been updated to showcase the new features of articy:draft 3 and the corresponding Unreal project.

Maniac Manfred is a point and click adventure game that we are using for instructional purposes only, it is in no way an indicator of the type of games that can be created using articy:draft. Creating, connecting and organizing all of your game data in one central hub is the true advantage of our solution and it can be leveraged to create any type of project no matter the genre.

Maniac Manfred – articy:draft 3 project Download Maniac Manfred – Unreal project Download