Meet Jean-Christophe, our new Software Developer

We are glad to introduce to you Jean-Christophe Romain who is joining Articy as our brand new Software Developer with a lot of passion for technology and the Unreal Engine.

portrait picture of Jean Christophe Romain Software Developer at Atrticy

“I am happy to join the team at Articy with whom I work on the integration of the articy:draft importer for Unreal engine.

My role within the team is to follow the technological evolutions of Unreal to make it work with Articy as harmoniously as possible, so that the stories can arrive smoothly in the theater of the interactive universe they deserve.

I particularly like working with this very lively team, which warmly welcomed me and with whom it is easy to collaborate in a serene and relaxed atmosphere. “


Articy: Welcome Jean-Christophe! Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Jean-Christophe: Passionate about computers and new technologies since my childhood, I had the opportunity to work for various companies since the beginning of my career, after my computer studies. First as a subcontractor on behalf of IBM, I had the opportunity to work on development missions for web and desktop technologies in Europeans countries (mainly France, Portugal and sometimes Switzerland).

Then I wanted to come back to what is at the heart of my passion for computing, namely video games, in order to join the Ubisoft team as a 3D technical artist. For this I trained in 3D and adopted Blender, which is a great software for which I was invited later at the Blender conference in Amsterdam to give a conference on game prototyping development with Blender.

All throughought my life I’ve been developing FPP (first playable parts) of game demos, to explore tools of creation more freely. I also liked to develop some comics with a view to expose my own universes, combining both traditional techniques of classic ink or pencil drawing, computer graphics and 3D (to see how it all turned out, check out some of my graphical achievements in this field or some of my works on FPP demos).

Articy: What can you tell us about yourself outside of work?

Jean-Christophe: I know it sounds clich√© but I really like doing sports and outdoor activities! That’s true! I did cross-fit for about 3 years (5 days per week), and I now try to maintain (sometimes somehow) a sporting activity as daily as possible, by going to the swimming pool, by doing long excursions or, when the weather lends itself to it, by getting down to surfing or skiing sessions, when the opportunity arises.

Articy: What can you share from your gaming history?

Jean-Christophe: I’ve always been fascinated by video games, so much so that they were initially for me the reason I chose to pursue a career in computing. I think I’ll always remember my wonder at the first times when I was able to play Diablo!
We were a group of friends in a university residence and only one of us had a powerful enough computer to be able to run the game. So we spent hours crammed together (5 to 8 people) in his small room, waiting our turn to play, taking turns cooking, waiting to find out where this delicious descent into the depths of the cathedral would take us. Later on, we had been able to buy ourselves better computers and hand some other nights playing Diablo 2 on some weekend improvised local networks… Until World of Warcraft come out, which lead us inside a complete unbelivably persistent world to explore together…

That’s all for now from our newest member of the team. Hope you’ve all enjoyed getting to know Jean-Christophe a little better as much as we already enjoy working with him.

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