Narrative Design

Designed for Interactivity

More Than Dialogue

Witty dialogue lines are great to fill characters with life, but there is more to interactive storytelling. Informative quest texts, vibrant location descriptions, adequate item names – in articy:draft you can manage all your narrative elements, including branching dialogue, in one coherent environment.

Context at Hand

What was the name of our hero’s mother again? Where the heck are the blue mountains? Creating consistent game worlds is a huge challenge. Connect all your narrative content and get answers with just a click. Never lose sight of details, never forget “Agatha” again.

In-depth Simulation

Take a journey through your interactive story and review your work in an effective simulation without having to code a single line. Review the logic flow of interactive narratives, and monitor script based choices as well as plot consistency.

Project Planning

Organize your thoughts

Lots of ideas scribbled on a wild collection of notes. Sounds familiar? Transform your narrative design ideas into a structured project, and quickly share relevant information throughout the entire team.

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Game CMS


Tired of juggling your spreadsheets? With articy:draft you create and manage data in an easy to use visual environment. Refine content through iteration, and hand it over directly to your game engine of choice.

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Feature List


Want more? Check out our complete feature list for an overview of everything articy:draft has to offer. All you need to get your idea from the initial scribbles to a complete project living in a game engine is at your fingertips.

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