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ExportToDocxArgs Class

Specialized argument class for the DOCX export
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Articy.Api
Assembly:  ArticyApp (in ArticyApp.dll) Version: 1.0.0
public class ExportToDocxArgs : ExportObjectSelectionDataArgs

The ExportToDocxArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyExporterName
Fixes the name of that exporter to "DocxExport"
(Overrides ExportDataArgsExporterName.)
Public propertyExportMethod
Determines how many documents are created an how they are structured. Defaults to "Single"
Public propertyExportQueries
Determines if calculated strips should be exported
Public propertyGroupedBy
Determines in which way the objects are grouped. Defaults to "Folder"
Public propertyHyperlinkOnReferences
When set to true hyperlinks (with the articy:// protocol) are created on objects that can be used to navigate to that object when the project is currently open in an articy:draft client and the protocol is installed properly. Defaults to true
Public propertyIncludeImages
Determines if thumbnail images should be included in the document(s). Defaults to true
Public propertyIncludeTechnicalNames
Set to true when the technical names of the objects included. Defaults to false
Public propertyIncludeTitlePage
Set to true when a title page should be included. Defaults to true
Public propertyInsertTableOfContents
Set to true when a table of contents should be included. Defaults to true
Public propertyPageSize
The page size for created document. Defaults to "A4"
Public propertySideBySideImages
Determines if a bigger version of location images should be placed side by side to the created document(s). Defaults to false
Public propertySortedBy
Determines how the groups are sorted. Defaults to "DisplayName"
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