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articy:draft was created with flexibility in mind. Every project is different and we want to make sure that you can tailor your interactive storytelling tool to the specific needs of your project. Whether you want to discover all possibilities on your own or you have a specific problem that you need assistance with, we’re here to help.

Check out our FREE resources to get your project up and running or dive into our specialized trainings for faster results and a deeper understanding.

FREE resources

Our free resources are meant to get you up to speed with the basics so that you can realize a new project from idea to engine export.

Quick overview

Short Online Consultation – FREE
Still pondering whether articy:draft is right for you? Have a big project coming up and not sure how articy:draft fits in? Our consultants are here to answer your questions and help you understand where articy:draft can be used to add value to your team.
You will get:

  • Quick overview of the tool – main sections, interface
  • Quick look at the advantages of using articy:draft in the context of your pipeline
  • Answers to preliminary questions about the tool

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articy:draft Tutorial Series

Online Tutorial Series – Publicly Available
The perfect tool for self-learners. If you like to learn by doing, download the main tutorial demo project and follow along our tutorial series. You will cover all the basics and be ready to take on new projects. When ready, check out the additional demo projects that are bigger in scope and will help you better understand specific areas of the tool.
You will get:

  • Tutorial lessons covering main topics and common uses
  • Main Tutorial Demo Project
  • Additional Demo Projects to help you understand different use-cases

Access tutorials
Install Demo Projects

If you get stuck and wish to ask our user community for help, head out to the r/articydraft subreddit where you can find a knowledgeable community of interactive storytellers who can help you out.


If you want to get up and running in record speed or have a specific use case or technical need that warrants a specialized look, we’ve got you covered. Our specialists are ready to have a deeper look into your projects and provide you with the exact help you need.

Big Picture Introductions

Half Day Online Training – 600 €
The best beginner training to get you started in record time! Do you prefer to learn from an actual human instead of watching videos and reading tutorial articles? Then Big Picture Introduction is the perfect training for you. One of our experts will offer you a guided tour and share best practices and expert tips to make sure you get the maximum out of articy:draft from day one.
You will get:

  • Quick overview of the tool – main sections, interface, best practices
  • Walkthrough of the demo project and practical use cases
  • Introduction to the macro dev kit and the articy:API
  • Rundown of available plugins and importers
  • Suggestions on how to best use the tool based on your current pipeline and the most pressing needs of your team
  • Answers to all your questions related to using articy:draft in your upcoming projects

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Customized workshop

Choice between online and onsite – Custom Offer
An advanced training tailored to your specific use case.
Ok so you’ve went through the basics and already have a basic understanding of how articy:draft 3 works. But not all projects are created equal and there’s always that special one with a complex feature that requires a more personal touch and a deeper understanding. Maybe that’s your project or maybe you’re expanding your team and want to make sure you’re all on the same page approaching your project and structuring your data in a sustainable way. That’s where the customized workshops come into place. Our trainers will x-ray your specific use case and help you design tailored workflows for your project.
You will get:

  • Analysis of your project
  • Suggestions and best practices that apply to you and your team
  • Tailored workflows specifically designed for your exact project
  • Walkthrough and instructions on how to make the best use of your newly designed workflows
  • Answers to your all your questions related to using articy:draft

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Technical consulting

API Integration, Custom Solutions and more – Custom offer
Are you planning to integrate articy:draft deeply into your workflow? Need the articy:draft API as an interface to your pipeline? Do you have a specific need but not sure technically how to achieve it? Our technical trainers will be happy to look at your needs and provide you with the best technical solutions available.
You will get:

  • Analysis and assessment of your technical needs
  • Proposal of technical solutions to be implemented
  • Direct implementation of technical solutions and augmentation
  • Training and instructions of use for the newly implemented solutions

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