Macro Devkit

Create your own plugins

You have own custom workflows, you need additional functionality for your Users? Use the Macro Devkit to write own plugin for the articy:draft client.

You have a rich set of methods to query objects, manipulate or process them. Add context based commands to context menus or protect content from being deleted. You also may write exports to your custom format.

Macro Devkit features

  • Use a query language similar to SQL to query & filter objects
  • Create, modify and delete objects.
  • Use/Trigger exports with custom parameters
  • Add commands to context menus depending on the selected object
  • Add commands to a global menu
  • Hooks to intercept object creation, deletion, selection change, template value changes, copy & paste operations
  • Easy to use background tasks with progress dialog
  • You even can add own windows
Do you want to learn more about the MDK? Technical Documentation Download MDK and Plugins goto download page