This tutorial was created with articy:draft 3, but all shown information is also valid for articy:draft X

articy:draft can only be used on one device at a time. So between everyone moving to work from home and then back to office again, we’ve received many questions around transferring articy:draft from one workstation to another.

If you’re using articy:draft through Steam you will of course use articy:draft as any other steam product. But if you’ve purchased articy:draft from our website, then you might have wondered how to transfer it to a different workstation.

It’s quite easy actually so let’s go through the steps:

Before we begin, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t uninstall articy:draft before you have a chance to do this. If you arrived at this post too late and you no longer have access to articy:draft, skip to the end of this post for the alternative solution.

Step 1. Open articy:draft on your current workstation and click on the top left button or “bubble menu”.

Step 2. In the bubble menu, click on license management. The license information pop-up will appear.

articy:draft start screen bubble menu

Step 3. Copy the license key from the license information window and click on the button labeled “Unregister”. This will remove the license key from the current installation and allow you to use it on a different device or system.

articy:draft license management window, unregister button

So to recap – Bubble menu -> License Management -> Unregister. That’s all there is to it 🙂 Once that’s done you are free to use your license key on a new device.

Now as promised, if for any reason you cannot access the current installation of articy:draft anymore, we’ve created a form below to have your key unregistered online.

You will need to confirm via an authorization code. The code will automatically be sent to the e-mail associated to your account once you click unregister.

License key to unregister:

IMPORTANT: This form is only intended for deactivating a license so you can register the same key on a different device. It will not cancel a FLEX license. If you want to cancel your subscription please do so from the support section on our website.

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