October starts with a bang! The new version of the articy:draft Importer for Unreal is available now, and it brings a lot of cool new features.

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New in version 1.1.0

Runtime Global Variables Debugger
A tool to inspect global variables at game runtime, with search functionality and the ability to modify the variables as well. Modifying a variable will not just update the internal value, but call game code that is listening for a change in value as well, where we can give ourselves the key to escape the cell.

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Note how the key icon pops up when we check the checkbox for the key variable, and can interact with it. This could further be used to check quest/task states and skip the 100th run of ‘talk to NPC A to activate the quest to reproduce the problem’. This new view for the global variables is also used in the global variables asset.

New Blueprint Node Widgets for ArticyIDs and ArticyRef structs
With these new widgets you can easily assign Articy Objects directly inside Blueprints, without needing to create variables for them. This makes it easy to script events, where you know exactly which articy objects are required.

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ArticyID Widget Customization
This customization system allows you to create and attach additional widgets to any ArticyID widget without modifying plugin code! It does, however, require C++.
For example, any object with a ‘quest’ feature can display its quest name in a button, and clicking on that button will open up the relevant quest data table and select the quest entry or show an error message, if the user forgot to assign a quest inside Unreal. This has limitless applications and can reach from something that only displays some values relevant to the designers to fully integrated submenus that allow the user, once set up, to focus on being productive rather than fighting the tech all the time.

Additional changes

  • Caching of already accessed articy objects via UArticyObject::FindAsset via ID or via TechnicalName results in much faster articy object lookups at editor time.
  • The previous ArticyRef widget has been upgraded. The ArticyRef widget now displays options to specify the instance of the referenced object without expanding in the details panel first.
  • Also, a custom widget for ArticyIDs was introduced (looks like the ArticyRef widget used to look like).
  • Both widgets support copy and paste functionality, and you can copy from ID to Ref and vice versa.
  • Articy asset picker revamp: The class filter is now contained within the asset picker, and an ‘Exact Class’ checkbox has been introduced to allow for further filtering.
  • “ArticyExactClass” meta data has been introduced for ArticyIDs and ArticyRefs and will lock the ‘Exact Class’ filter to whatever was set in the meta data in C++.
  • ‘ArticyNoWidget’ meta data has been introduced to ArticyIDs. This disables the custom widget and is mainly reserved for optimization purposes when a lot of IDs are displayed at once.

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